NEW EP!!! “Industrial Folklore”!!!

Hard, apparently cold beat over which if listened beyond the concrete kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds, some hidden emotional content can be found. An ancient…maybe even alien, longing…muffled screams of hope. The lava melts into the ocean where little sound creatures disseminate hope and fear: synths and repetition. A reverberating sound is heard and/or felt […]

“Cosmic Tekhno” EP is out!!!

Another release!!! Cosmic Tekhno by TEKHNOPRANA Intense and cathartic live electronic music. An electronic tribal gathering that revolves around a big drum that bangs through the center of the Earth calling out our ancestors to help us to transcend the ordinary world. Images of ancientmagical engines, sounds of cosmic friction. And we just enjoy the […]

First TEKHNOPRANA release is on! ! !

Hey, people! The first TEKHNOPRANA’s release is finally on Bandcamp! Listen, share, comment, spread the news and, if possible, buy to help me make better music! Post near death experience by TEKHNOPRANA